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How It’s Made: Hydroponic Lettuce

How It's Made - Hydroponics Lettuce Video

Click to watch hydroponics lettuce video.

Here’s a video from Discovery Channel’s How It’s Made series. The video shows how hydroponics lettuce are produced on a commercial scale. The technology used in the video is floating raft technique, another method in hydroponics. It’s similar to a shallow water culture but differ in how the reservoir is managed. Because commercial hydroponics farms work on a huge amount of hydroponic nutrients, aeration and attention is needed so that the water temperature, PH and nutrient concentration stays at levels best suited for plant growth. Also, in this video, it shows the timeline to grow lettuce from seed to harvest. CONTINUE ►►

Ramgo Seed Company

Ramgo Seed Company

Ramgo offers different types of leaf and fruit vegetable seeds for your garden.

Ramgo is responsible for many of us who started and will be starting our journey to the wonderful world of gardening. Ramgo seed company is a gardening supply manufacturer is a good source of basic gardening needs. They have pots, fertilizers, tools, media and different types of paraphernalia related to the hobby or business to some.

I source my seeds, pots and hydroponic mediums from Ramgo’s retailers and these retailers aren’t hard to find here in Manila. One of their most accessible retailers is Ace Hardware which you can find in many SM Malls. Another retailer is Handyman which Continue ►►

Reusing Hydroton and Vermiculite

Hydroponic mediums can be reused a few times before discarding and there are a few very easy steps to clean them before using them again.

Before we get to the dirty part, here is a little background on what happens to these mediums when used. When plants grow on these mediums, their roots will try to cover as much space as they can occupy around these mediums to absorb as much water and nutrients they need. Whenever you harvest your vegetables and these roots die, bacteria and other pathogens will immediately try to decompose these dead roots . These decomposing bacterias have been present in your system from the start and they only feed on decaying or dead matter. CONTINUE ►►

Hydroton as Hydroponic Medium

Hydroton Closeup

Hydroton absorbs and retains water.

Hydroton is more commonly known LECA or lightweight expanded clay aggregates. These round ceramic shells are popular with aquaponic systems and is also a good medium of choice for hydroponic systems. Like many hydroponic mediums, hydroton retains water and light in weight.

This hydroponic medium is manufactured in commercial quantity by firing up clay to temperatures that could reach 1200 degrees Celsius. The result is a dark grey honeycomb core and a round solid outer shell. Water can easily penetrate the outer shell and the core stays wet until CONTINUE ►►

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