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Choosing Hybrid or Heirloom Seeds

Whenever I buy seeds or someone gives me a pack of seeds, I would always ask whether these are hybrid seeds or heirloom seeds. The reason is because I would like to know whether these plants would give me generations of seeds or whether they’re only good for a single season. To put it in better perspective, heirlooms and hybrids are to be considered two different cultivars when it comes to fruit baring plants. Not because they produce different type of fruits but these two type of plants are genetically modified through either open and cross pollination for their purpose. Reproducing these two types of plants isn’t easy and one shouldn’t bother with planting seeds of the other if you aren’t sure what the outcome would be. CONTINUE ►►

Vermiculite as Hydroponic Medium

Vermiculite Hydroponic Medium

Vermiculite is coarse and very light when dry.

Vermiculite makes one of the best hydroponic mediums for SNAP hydroponics. Like other hydroponic mediums, vermiculite is very light and retains a good amount of liquid for a period of time. It does not compact very tightly and for that reason, the roots have access to a good amount of both SNAP hydroponic nutrients and oxygen as long as long the vermiculite is not totally submerged to the solution.

Vermiculite like many other hydroponic mediums also makes a good potting mix ingredient. It CONTINUE ►►

Coco Peat as Hydroponic Medium

Coco Peat Hydroponic Medium

Dry Coco Peat in tile and brick form.

Coco peat is a popular potting mix ingredient and can be used as a hydroponic medium. Coco peat is a great hydroponic medium because it is very light in volume weight and It absorbs and retain water very well. Its water retention is so good that it could last long enough until you refill or water your hydroponic system. One of the benefits of using coco peat for your hydroponic system or even your potting mix is that it’s organic itself. It’s also very light in weight compared to soil or gravel and it can be CONTINUE ►►

Between Hydroponics or Soil Gardening

People often ask the question if whether a certain plant is best suited for hydroponics or pots (commonly known as container gardening). To answer this question, there are very few things to consider. One of of which is how fast do these plants grow. Some plants do grow pretty fast (less than 2 months from seed to harvest) and some barely grow an inch in their first couple of months.

Another factor to consider is the size of the plant specifically the main stem to which branches grow out of. Because common hydroponic systems use small pots and light hydroponics mediums, the plant my fall over because the medium cannot support the whole plant when there’s strong winds or the over all weight of the plant outweighs the hydroponic mediums capability to support it. CONTINUE ►►

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